Annual Climb & Get Together

Annual Climb & Get Together

“Sunrise Up Croagh Patrick” is an annual get-together of friends who climb Croagh Patrick, have a super time & raise funds for worthwhile charities fighting Neurological Diseases.

It was initially organised by John Kelly and supported by his University classmates and work colleagues from Hanson Regan. The event has grown and attracted wider support from many great people who have been affected by Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s, Motor Neuron Disease & Dementia.

Next year’s event is on 30 June 2018 and we will be staying in the Westport Plaza Hotel for two nights from 29 June. (Cost €199 per person sharing.)

It is great fun & very worthwhile. If you are interested in joining us, please email John Kelly at

Next Event – Sat 30 June 2018

When we say climbing, its not vertical, no ropes, no scrambling, with a bit of care, its well within the reach of most people.

So why not join us to Climb Croagh Patrick, in our 4th annual #SunriseupCroaghPatrick event? Form a group of your colleagues and friends, or come on your own and mingle with the whole gang.

To register for the event please email John Kelly at the address below and include the following details.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Tee Shirt Sizes & Number
  • If you would like to be included for Dinner Saturday Night ?
  • How many in your party ?
  • How many climbing?
  • How many for dinner?

For full details, email


Group Pages

BComm 1979-82 


The story so far . . .


How a family tradition turned into an international annual gathering.


We’d been up Croagh Patrick a few times. Dad’s birthday is July 17th, so we’d come home for his birthday and climb Croagh Patrick that weekend.

In January 2016, my mother-in-law, Eleanor, passed away with Huntington’s disease. It wasn’t until the middle of May it dawned on us to dedicate the climb to the memory of Eleanor and in support of the Huntington Disease Association of Ireland (HDAI). Two of us climbed that year and we raised over €5k for HDAI.

When we got back to London, the team were so impressed with the pics, they immediately said “We definitely want to do this next year!”.

And so the inspiration grew. . . .

This year we are supporting:

Young Parkinsons of Ireland Association as part of the Parkinson’s Disease Association of Ireland

Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland

Motor Neuron Disease Association of Ireland

Heaton-Ellis Trust – MND Research, London

Our Charities

Can we say just how important these Associations are. These are the organisations who champion the patients and families of people who contract these neurological conditions. They are in your corner from the moment you get connected. They hold your hand throughout. The difficulty is that they are self funding and need proper help.

None of them have enough specialist nurses to help in the community.

  • IMNDA, have over 350 patients in Ireland, with 3 nurses covering the country.
  • PDAI have 12-14,000 with 3 nurses
  • And HDAI have somewhere in the region of 750 patients, they are not sure, with 3000 people at risk; they don’t have any nurses.

Ireland has 34 Neurologists; it can take 6 months to see one, even if you have the money. On average, it takes over 2 years to get a diagnosis, or it did in our case.

The Associations exist because they are needed, with a bit more help they could do so much more.

Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland

Motor Neurone Disease Association of Ireland